صفا بیت المال کی جانب سے محمد شرف الدین ساکن بنڈلہ گوڑہ کو انکے روز گار کے مستحکم کے لئے سامان دلایا گیا

 صفا بیت المال کی جانب سے بیواؤں اور تتیموں میں وظائف کی تقسیم

آئے ہم دوسروں کے لئے جینا سیکھیں!


مہم کے بائیسویں دن
جاوید ہائ اسکول مادنپیٹ کے طلبہ و طالبات سے خطاب کے بعد انعامات تقسیم کئے جانے کا ایک منظر


صفا بیت المال حیدرآباد کی جانب سے حافظ بابا نگر میں مقیم 156 برمی مہاجر خاندانوں میں آج صبح کھچڑی کے پیاکٹس تقسیم کیے گئے۔ چند تصویری جھلکیاں ملاحظہ کیجیے۔


الحمدلله آج بروز چہارشنبہ بتاریخ 6ڈسمبر 2017(16ربیع الاوّل 1439ھجری
زیر اہتمام صفاء بیت المال انڈیا کی جانب سے بالاپورمیں سردی کی مناسبت سے برمامہاجرین کے درمیان 100بلانکٹ تقسیم کئے گئے ہیں جس کی چند جھلکیا تصویرمیں دیکھ سکتے ہیں

Free Medical Checkup For Poor patient at Safa Dignostic Center Babanagar 


صفابیت المال حیدرآباد کے زیر اہتمام خواتین والینٹرس نے آج پیٹلہ برج میٹرنٹی ہاسپٹل اور گولکنڈہ ایریا ہاسپٹل کے تین سو سے زائد نومولود بچوں میں سویٹرس تقسیم کیے۔


Free Mega Medical Camp Was Held On 4th December 2017 at Madarse Islami Talimath Ghouse Nagar associated with Bibi Kims hospital oncology Staff and Eyezone Hospital eye specialist staff Where 142 Patients Had A Free Check Up and Medicines... Here Some View...


Distribution Cloths & Rice in Burma Refugees Under the care Of Safa Baitul Maal

Plan to construct 200 houses for Bihar flood affected

Cost of one house Rs.50000; virtue-seekers appealed for help

  Due the devastating flood in Bihar, many districts have submerged, lakhs of households have been displaced, crores of people have been ruined; cattle, livestock, grains, have been lost; many households are displaced; farms and fields have ruined; in these devastating circumstances, Safa Baitul Maal took steps to help the victims and the president, Moulana Gayas Ahmed Rashadi Sahab sent a delegation led by Moulana Ayub Qasmi Sahab, incharge of Jamtara branch of Safa that is engaged in providing relief to the affected families; after Eid-ul-Azha, the relief team of Safa has conducted free medical camps in different locations of Araria through which hundreds of people are being benefited every day and medicines are also being provided free of cost. The president visited Bihar twice; in the first visit, he went to various villages of Kathiar district and took part in relief activities and distributed cash and food items to the victims. During the second visit to Bihar, accompanied by Moulana Ayub Qasmi, incharge of Jamtara and Moulana Ateeq Ullah of Amarat-e-Sharia, the central president went to various villages of Araria district like Sapan Tola, Jhawari, Mandgaon, Poltola, Ghat Tola, Phatan Tola, Ramaigaon, Rahmat Para, Kashi Badi and Belwa and distributed cash and relief to the victims; after touring these villages continuously for two days and witnessing the pathetic situation in a few villages, the central president decided to get the houses reconstructed that got washed away or damaged in the floods; it has been planned to construct two hundred houses in different villages of Araria district; the construction cost of a house is Rs. 50000. All the trustees of Safa Baitul Maal have appealed to the virtue-seekers for wholehearted contributions for the rehabilitation of these victims. For contributions please get in touch on the phone numbers: 9394419820, 9394419821.

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