August 2018

Welfare services of Aurangabad branch

Through the Aurangabad branch of Safa Baitul Maal, monthly pensions totalling Rs.15000 were distributed to 5 helpless households. 2 quintal rice was given for the marriages of 4 deserving girls. Rs.3000 was given to a madrasa student for higher education and educational items were given for the children of 4 helpless households. New batch has begun at Safa tailoring centre in which 19 scholars are imams have taken admission. They are being given training of initial basic course. 9 scholars have taken admission in Safa tailoring centre. 2200 patients have benefited through Safa hospital. Clothes were provided to all the members of a poor family. A sum of Rs.5600 was provided for medicines to poor patients suffering from different diseases. During Ramzan, Ramzan ration packages were distributed to more than 1100 deserving households belonging to about 60 localities of Aurangabad and surrounding villages. This apart, sheer khorma kits were distributed in the town and in villages. In addition, clothes were distributed to 10 deserving households. Services performed throughout the year were exhibited through Safa exhibition due to which 100 donors were registered. Water facility was setup during the ten-day Ijtema held during the last part of Ramzan and other services were performed. The services of Safa youth were utilised at Badi Eidgah. A meeting of the incharge persons of the Aurangabad branch of Safa was held in which the performance of the previous year was reviewed and the activities for the next year were planned.

June 2018

Welfare services of Aurangabad branch

Through the Aurangabad branch of Safa Baitul Maal, about 1500 patients utilised the free treatment and medicines facility at Safa clinic Karadpur. Monthly ration was provided to 15 deserving households. 4 cycles were provided to 4 needy deserving persons. Medicines were provided to 3 needy patients. The responsibility of the annual educational expenditure of a meritorious student has been accepted. An unemployed was provided employment. A house was provided to a helpless household to live free of cost. On the advice of the central president of Safa Baitul Maal Moulana Gayas Ahmed Rashadi Sahab, 2 madrasas named Madrasa Safa Lil Banat have been started in 2 poor localities in which adequate arrangement has been made for Taraweeh and Quran recitation.
In view of Ramzan, the deserving names were given preference for Ramzan ration distribution. In this connection, Aurangabad town was divided into 12 zones and with the assistance of representatives of all the centres, Ramzan ration was distributed to 1500 deserving households. The incharge persons of all the centres and volunteers were given awards as a mark of appreciation. The annual programme of Safa on the topic welcoming Ramzan and service to humanity was organised before the month of Ramzan in which Mufti Hasnain Mahfouz Malegaon gave an address.
Mufti Anees-ur-Rahman Nadvi Sahab visited the riot affected areas of Aurangabad along with his associates and urged the victims to have patience and steadiness and addressing the youth assembled for the Namaz-e-Janaza of the martyred youth, the head of the Aurangabad beach appealed for peace and patience. After burial he comforted the family of the deceased. On behalf of the central Safa Baitul Maal, assistances of Rs.10000 each to 10 victims and on the behalf of Aurangabad branch, Rs.10000 each to 20 victims have been issued.

November 2017

Welfare services of Aurangabad branch

Through the Aurangabad branch of Safa Baitul Maal, Safa tailoring centre is being run for women and girl students under self-employment scheme and a computer centre is being run for religious scholars. Medical assistances of Rs.6000 to poor patients, Rs.2000 to poor ailing lady and Rs.2000 to 2 deserving patients had been provided. Assistance of Rs.4000 was provided for the marriages of 2 deserving girls. Assistance of Rs.1500 was provided to a person in debt. Educational assistance of Rs.6000 was provided to 2 deserving persons. A public gathering was held in which the services of Safa Baitul Maal were introduced to the public.

June 2017

Welfare services of Aurangabad branch

Through the Safa clinic setup under the aegis of the Aurangabad branch of Safa Baitul Maal, about 500 patients were benefited. A sum of Rs.3200 was provided to 2 poor persons suffering from different diseases. Bedding worth Rs.4000 was provided for the marriage of a poor girl and rice worth Rs.2500 was provided for the marriage of another poor girl. A distressed person was provided Rs.5000 for business. Monthly ration was provided to 6 deserving households. On instruction of the central Safa Baitul Maal, one-day annual meeting was held that was attended by the chief guest Mufti Abdul Mohaimin Azhar Al-Qasmi, the vice-president of Safa Baitul Maal India and Moulana Syed Ahmed Wameez Nadvi Sahab. Mind programming workshop was held at Moulana Azad Research Centre and there was an address for scholars and Imams at Mohammadi Masjid, Rasheedpura and an address for women near Meer Alam Shah Masjid. Safa tailoring centre for imams and Safa computer centre were inaugurated.

May - 2017

Welfare services of Aurangabad branch

Through the Aurangabad branch of Safa Baitul Maal, like each month, this month too, pensions were distributed to 25 poor widows. A sum of Rs.14000 was provided for the treatment of 3 deserving sick disabled children. Monthly ration was given to 10 deserving destitute households. Diagnosis of 1500 poor patients was done in Kararpura, Aurangabad and free medicines were also provided to them. On completion of one year of Safa clinic, annual performance programme was conducted. Three-month tailoring and computer course has been launched for imams. In view of summer, water facility has been setup at central bus stand Aurangabad to serve cool and clean drinking water. On the occasion of international Qiraat competition in Jama Masjid Aurangabad, water facility was setup, through which filtered and cool water was served. Safa tailoring centre has been established to make women and girl students self-reliant.   

Feb 2017

Welfare services of Aurangabad branch

Through the Safa clinic established under the aegis of the Aurangabad branch of Safa Baitul Maal, 400 patients were benefited; on the completion of first batch at Safa tailoring centre, the second batch has commenced; arrangement to serve water has been made at various intersections, hospitals and bus stand; medical assistance of Rs.2000 was provided to a patient suffering from renal ailment; monthly ration was provided to a widow and a deserving person; educational assistance of Rs.8000 was provided to an MPSC student; interest-free loans of Rs.50000 were issued to small traders through Safa Micro-Finance; employment was provided to 2 Huffaz under employment scheme; 35 people on behalf of the Aurangabad branch of Safa participated in the two-day tenth annual training session and public meeting organised by the central Safa Baitul Maal. Based on the vital instructions given in the annual meeting, groups have been formed and tickets have been made to participate in the training programme to be conducted in Hyderabad. And to promote the spirit of service to humanity, a book titled 'Khidmat-e-Khalq, Fazeelat, Ahmiyat, Zarurat' has been distributed free of cost to imams and muezzins. It has been planned to distribute placards and handbills on anti-intoxicants drive in colleges and various localities. Skill development programme was conducted for students and youth.

Annual Report of Aurangabad branch-2016

Through the Aurangabad branch of Safa Baitul Maal, assistance through house sponsorship worth Rs.112000 was provided to a poor household. Assistance of about Rs.40500 was provided to 4 deserving ailing persons. Ration worth Rs.55000 was provided each month to 5 poor widows and destitute families and 10 religious workers. Assistance of Rs.17000 was provided to needy students. A sum of Rs.75000 was provided to economically weak persons for employment and stability. Partial assistance of Rs.32000 was provided for the marriages of poor girls. Free medical camps were conducted in three localities for poor and needy patients. Camps against gutkha and tobacco were setup in different areas and people were made aware of its ill-effects, on which a sum of Rs.5000 was spent.  During winter, warm clothes were distributed to poor people in Bade gaon, Jalal Colony and Maisarwadi areas. Ration packages worth Rs.1500 each totalling Rs.600000 were distributed to 400 helpless poor households during Ramzan. During summer, arrangement to serve cool and filtered drinking water was made at the biggest government hospital in Aurangabad, which cost Rs.32200. Educational survey was conducted in Bari Colony, Aurangabad. 22 students received tailoring training at Safa tailoring centre in Rasheedpura and 15 students were made to appear for government examination, on which Rs.58000 were spent. 21600 poor patients were benefited from the Safa clinic established in Kararpura and medicines were also provided to them free of cost, on which Rs.200000 were spent.  Construction of three mosques had been initiated under mosque construction service; construction of one mosque has completed; prayers have started at another tin-shed mosque constructed at a cost of Rs.80000; and the foundation of the third mosque has been laid. Through the computer traning centre being run under the aegis of the Aurangabad branch of Safa, primary computer education was provided to religious scholars incurring an expenditure of Rs.50000. Pensions of Rs.12000 were given to 10 deserving madrasa students. Cash assistance and ration worth Rs.16000 was provided for the release of innocent prisoners and to support their families. The central president of Safa Baitul Maal visited the Aurangabad branch of Safa in the month of May. On this occasion, the Safa tailoring centre was inaugurated by the central president and he addressed during various programmes. During the month of Rabbi-ul-Awwal, meetings were held in different localities for 30 days on the topics of Seerat-un-Nabi (SAW) and service to humanity. Anti-gutkha rallies of students of schools and madrasas were staged in various poor areas of Aurangabad. Qurbani of 101 animals was performed in various poor areas of town and villages and the meat distributed to the poor. Signature campaign in support of Muslim Personal Law Board was organised in collaboration with Amarat-e-Sharia, Marathwada and 10000 forms were distributed and on insistence of concerned corporators 60000 more forms were printed. Process to provide Qibla compass to each house of Aurangabad has begun. First aid boxes have been setup in 2 madrasas. Safa youth has been formed in various localities through which a team of 150 youths has been created. Safa centre has been setup for public awareness. Training camps were organised for imams. Assistance of Rs.15500 was provided to 10 scholars facing financial crisis and to an engineer. Emergency aid of Rs.6000 was provided to a major institution.

Welfare services of Aurangabad branch

Through the Safa clinic established under the aegis of the Aurangabad branch of Safa Baitul Maal, 400 patients were benefited; examination was conducted for 10 students completing training at Safa tailoring centre and certificates were given to them.  Likewise, ration worth Rs.1000 each was provided to a poor widow and an Imam Sahab; good loan of Rs.20000 was given to a needy deserving person; it had been planned to construct one mosque each year through the Aurangabad branch of Safa Baitul Maal, five-time prayer has commenced at the mosque whose construction had begun last year; foundation stone of a mosque in Amsal, Bade Gaon has been laid through Hazrat Moulana Sadiq Sahab Nadvi Qureshi Amravati.

 At the behest of centre, a 10-day awareness campaign on Seerat-un-Nabi (SAW) and service to humanity and against gutkha consumption and alcoholism was organised that began with a grand public meeting on the 12th of Rabbi-ul-Awwal; Hazrat Moulana Talha Qasmi Sahab Khalifa of Hazrat Moulana Peer Zulfiqar Ahmed Naqshbandi Sahab was a special invitee in this meeting while the meeting was chaired by Mufti Mohammad Maazuddin Sahab, Ameer Amarat-e-Sharia, Marathwada; in this way this campaign was organised for ten days in Aurangabad and its surrounding localities under the supervision of distinguished scholars; noteworthy areas in which this campaign was organised successfully are Maisarwadi, Bade Gaon, Bridge Wadi, Ambelor, Jahangir Colony, Naye Gaon and Karakpura; the concluding part of the campaign was held in the Muslim-majority area town, Rasheedpura and on the last day, a programme had been conducted for women in Mastan Hall, Rasheedpura in which all the three floors of Mastan Hall were filled with women and the programme had been immensely successful; the concluding session was held at Ahmedi Masjid, Rasheedpura that was chaired by Mufti Mohammad Maazuddin Sahab, Ameer Amarat-e-Sharia, Marathwada while the special guest Moulana Mohammad Sadiq Nadvi Qureshi Amravati gave an insightful speech; in all these programmes and meetings there had been evocative speeches by Mufti Abdul Azam Milli Sahab, Mufti Nadeem Sahab, Imam and Khateeb of Bari Colony Masjid, Moulana Abdul Azam Nadvi, Imam and Khateeb of Roshan Masjid, Mufti Abdul Sattar Sahab, apart from Moulana Abdul Rahman Sahab of Beed district and other distinguished scholars. These programmes were supervised by Mufti Anees-ur-Rahman Nadvi Sahab, head of the Aurangabad branch of Safa. During these programmes rallies of religious and formal school students had been taken out on the topic of campaign against gutkha, alcohol and tobacco. The performance of Safa was presented in all these programmes and the volunteers of Safa put up tents and distributed pamphlets on various topics and prepared an environment before hand; this was immensely admired by one and all and it had been urged to conduct similar meetings at other locations too.