Emergency Help

Assistance to Flood Victims of Bihar and Assam
Distribution of aid under the direct supervision of Central President and General Secretary

            The central president Moulana Gayas Ahmed Rashadi and general secretary Moulana Fasihuddin Nadvi reached Kishangunj district of Bihar on the 9th of August; with the purpose of creating awareness about the spirit of service to humanity in commoners and the elite, the central president gave an address after Namaz-e-Maghrib at Madani Jama Masjid and after Namaz-e-Isha too there had been addresses by both the distinguished persons at Madrasa Tajweed-ul-Quran. On the 10th of August, the central incharge persons and the president of Jharkhand branch of Safa, Moulana Mohammad Ayub Qasmi visited Matyari Bawam Toli and Malitolapura Toli villages of Teragach block and assistance in the form of cash distribution had been provided to the victims irrespective of creed and faith; the leading social server and religious scholar of the region, Moulana Rafeeq Ahmed Miftahi provided complete compassionate guidance; these habitations were severly affected due to the strong currents of Kankai and Ratwa rivers. On the 12th of August, at 7 am, under the supervision of the central president of Safa Baitul Maal and under the supervision of assistant director of Amarat-e-Sharia, Moulana Qamar Anees Sahab, they met the persons affected due the floods in Majhol Nauhata dam abutting the Kosi river that flows through Saharsa district and they distributed cash and ration packages to them. The package comprised of rice, oil, gram flour, soap, biscuits and cereals etc; the central president went to Kishangunj, Araria, Saharsa districts and distributed aid. On the 13th of August, a delegation of Safa Baitul Maal reached Darhar and provided relief in different areas. There were some people trapped between Balan and Kosi rivers; partial assistance has been provided to build temporary mosque for the Muslims taking shelter temporarily on the banks of the river. On the 14th of August, Moulana Ayub Qasmi Sahab toured Supual along with few people and distributed cash to the affected people over there and also supplied edible items and grains to them.

            This apart, on the occasion of the commencement of academic year at Madrasa Al-Safa Lil-Uloom Al-Islamia, central president visited all the schools and had consultations with the teachers on academic matters and reviewed other issues; this apart, thousands of families in Assam living in huts along the banks of river have become homeless due to floods and have been confined to camps and are leading a life abject poverty; the central president visited various districts and distributed aid to the victims. Mufti Ahmed Ali Sahab, incharge of Safa branch Naugaun and Anwarullah Ameen Engineer Khokrajhar provided relief in various districts through cash assistance, clothes, edible substances and cereals and also provided partial assistance for the construction of temporary sheds.

            A total sum of Rs.561150 has been issued for the flood-affected people of Bihar and Assam through the central Safa Baitul Maal.