Gutkha Consumption And Intoxicants

Programmes highlighting ill-effects of alcoholism, gutkha consumption and intoxicants

            On the occasion of the month of Rabbi-ul-Awwal, a thirty-day service to humanity awareness campaign on the topic of “Shun gutkha save life, Quit alcohol save family” has been organised under the aegis of Safa Baitul Maal Educational Welfare and Charitable Trust India Regd; schedule for the entire month from 1st to 30th Rabbi-ul-Awwal had been prepared; pamphlets prepared on the subject of perils of gutkha and alcohol were distributed in the identified localities every day; after Namaz-e-Asr the localities were toured and the addicts were made aware of the ill-effects of these products and after Namaz-e-Maghrib, these people were gathered at a particular place and video-clip was shown to them with the help of a projector in which the harmful effects of gutkha, alcohol and other intoxicants, the plight of those who have fallen prey to these evil habits or have lost their lives and the medical measures that could be adopted to remain protected were highlighted. Names of 200 people who resolved shun these habits were noted and after Rabbi-ul-Awwal, Safa Baitul Maal shall make arrangement for treatment and care for those people who wish to abandon their habits and get treated. These programmes had been well appreciated by one and all and it was urged to conduct such programmes once every month. This apart, about 120 schools were visited during this thirty-day period and with the consent of school authorities discussions were held with the school students on Seerat-un-Nabi (SAW) and character and etiquettes and the students were asked questions related to Seerat and etiquettes and prizes were distributed to about 500 students giving right answers. It may be noted that a thirty-day service to humanity awareness campaign had been organised through Safa Baitul Maal last year too which culminated in a successful manner. The central president and all the trustees of Safa have appealed to the general public that the Muslims counsel gutkha and alcohol addicts in their neighbourhoods and make them aware of the significance of life and the consequences of malignant diseases like cancer, tuberculosis etc caused due to these evil habits.