Job Help Line

Employment to deserving poor and women

Through Safa Baitul Maal, employment is provided to poor people who are desirous of doing business and tailoring machines are arranged for women who wish make a living by stitching at homes and become self-reliant; hence during the year 2016 sewing machines were distributed to 41 deserving women. With contribution from a virtue-seeker from Beed (Maharashtra), list of hundreds of unemployed people among the Burmese refugees living near Balapur Road in Baba Nagar has been prepared and to provide them financial stability, in the initial stage, sewing machines were given to four women familiar with the art of stitching.  Five persons who are experienced in selling fruits and vegetables were provided with pushcarts, vegetables, fruits, scales and other essential items. On the 19th of March, pushcarts along with fruits and vegetables were distributed to these five people by Hazrat Moulana Mohammad Talha Naqshbandi Sahab, Khalifa of Moulana Peer Zulfiqar Naqshbandi Sahab. Likewise, cycle-rickshaws were provided to ten people to do scrap business and required equipments were provided to a mason. Likewise, a person Mohammad Parvez who has four daughters and a young son and who was facing financial crunch due to non-availability of definite livelihood and who had been dealing in tailoring material in a small shop, has been provided with tailoring material worth Rs.37000 through Safa Baitul Maal in order to strengthen his business further. Similarly, three poor and helpless women who had none to care for them and who did not even have basic necessities of life and were suffering from different diseases were provided with necessities of life worth Rs.20000 and were provided with clothes worth Rs.20000 to create source of employment. This apart, 30-year old Mohammad Amjad resident of Hafeezpet disabled with both legs was provided with kirana worth Rs.25000 as a source of employment. A poor deserving lady belonging to Sai Balanagar Jeedimetla, Asra Begum whose husband deserted her two years ago approached the office of Safa and she had been provided with kirana worth Rs.20000 to do business and likewise another deserving lady living in Borabanda area, Ahmedi Begum had been provided with clothes worth Rs.10000 to do business. Hence during the last year, a sum of Rs.340375 has been issued towards self-employment scheme.