August 2018

Welfare services of Kanpur branch

Through the Kanpur branch of Safa Baitul Maal, a sum of Rs.500 each and ration was distributed to 61 poor widows and disabled persons. 20 cans of cool and clean water is being served daily. Two poor patients were given Rs.1500 for treatment and Rs.2000 was given to patients admitted in hospital. Through Safa health clinic, free medicines are being provided daily to about 20 poor patients.

June 2018

Welfare services of Khanapur branch

Through the Khanapur branch of Safa Baitul Maal, pensions totalling Rs.18000 were distributed to 60 poor households living in surrounding villages. In view of summer, cool and clean drinking water is being served through water facilities setup at 2 public locations. Two tailoring centres under self-employment scheme and summer religious classes have been arranged. In view of Ramzan, Ramzan ration packages worth Rs.1000 each totalling Rs.130000 were distributed to 130 poor helpless households in Khanapur and surrounding villages.a