Khuddam-E-Deen Fund

Khuddam-e-Deen Fund

              Through Safa Baitul Maal a department named Khuddam-e-Deen Fund has been established for the religious servers who are rendering religious services in various forms in Hyderabad and Secunderabad and who due to not being financially stable face difficulties during untoward circumstances; the membership of this fund is limited to those people who serve on religious lines; on prompt payment of membership amount each month, they are given good loan after five months or are given assistance in time of difficulty for which accounts are opened; they are allotted a card number and a passbook; all the details of this department have been computerised. Alhamdulillah, 747 teachers associated with religious schools, imams of mosques, muezzins and servers of other organisations have become members of this department and last year 113 members have associated for which a sum of Rs.1190000 has been issued as good loan and another sum Rs.523200 have been given to depositors. In this was a total sum of Rs. 1713200 has been issued in the year 2016.