Marriage Aid

Complete arrangement of marriages deserving couples

             Through Safa Baitul Maal Educational Welfare and Charitable Trust India, complete arrangement of the marriages of two poor couples had been made. Upon the mutual consent of two couples belonging to Secunderabad and Bandlaguda areas, the Nikah ceremonies had been held at the Safa conference hall on the 14th and 17th of May; both these ceremonies had been held under the supervision of Janab Azam Ali Sahab, accountant and Moulana Abdul Majid Rashadi Sahab, field officer; in both these marriages, with support from affluent people, essential items worth Rs.50000 each totalling Rs.100000 comprising furniture sets, beds, dining sets, utensils, gas stove, clothes for bride and groom, prayer-mat, clock, etc. were given and the guests were served. It may be noted that Safa Baitul Maal gives priority to complete arrangement of marriages instead of partial assistance and upon acceptance by a virtue-seeker the ceremony is conducted at the time and venue determined by the incharge persons of Safa and essential items are provided. And likewise, a total sum of Rs.270938 has been issued during the year 2016 for various marriages. Through the Safa helpline department of Safa Baitul Maal too, complete guidance is provided with regard to Shadi Mubarak scheme; so far hundreds of people have been benefitted.