December 2017



30-day Service to Humanity Awareness Drive titled 'Serve to Humanity and Funeral and Burial Training'

Since the past eleven years, while Safa Baitul Maal has been performing services in fields like relief, welfare, medical, educational, social, seasonal and emergency, it has been conducting awareness campaign on various topics to popularise the spirit of service to humanity; so as to spread the passion of service to weak, orphan, poor, aged and helpless in the society; in order to spread this spirit, Safa Baitul Maal has been conducting service to humanity awareness campaigns for the past three years on the occasion of the month of Rabi-ul-Awwal; in order to conduct this programme in a more efficient manner this year, the trustees of Safa decided at the office of Safa on Thursday, 16th November, to provide funeral and burial training to young boys and girls in different parts of the city and to create awareness in them about this most important service; apart from this, schools shall be visited and speeches shall be given to students on the topics of Seerat, morals and service to humanity and conducting workshops, training on first aid and funeral and burial shall be provided to students and they shall be made aware of the pathetic conditions in slums and passion for service to humanity shall be generated in them. Likewise, meetings on social reform shall be conducted for women in various locations and training on funeral and shrouding shall be provided to them and they too shall be made aware of this significant service. Alhamdulillah, this series has been initiated from the 1st of Rabi-ul-Awwal and on the first day, various schools of Malakpet have been visited and discussions on ethics were held with the students and they were asked questions on Seerat and those giving correct answers were given prizes; same day, at 10 AM, a workshop for college students was conducted at Success Junior College, Madannapet, in which the vice-president of Safa Baitul Maal, Mufti Abdul Mohaimin Azhar Al-Qasmi threw light in detail on the principles on which the services of Safa Baitul Maal are being performed, its purpose and background and the various fields in which Safa Baitul Maal is performing services and how the young students could participate in these services and could themselves get associated with these services; after this, the president Moulana Gayas Ahmed Rashadi Sahab gave brief and comprehensive speech on service to humanity based on Seerat and his experiences; after the address of the president, the students were given training about giving bath to the deceased and shrouding the body; the students attentively participated in the programme and resolved to perform services on own and in association with Safa Baitul Maal; same day, from 2PM to 4PM, funeral and burial programme was conducted for women and after Namaz-e-Maghrib, inaugural ceremony was held at Masjid Al-Falah, Wahed Nagar in which Moulana Abdul Malik Mazhari Sahab, president of Jamiat Ulema, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh gave an address on Seerat and service to humanity; in this meeting, the Muftis from the Safa Shariat helpline briefly explained the issues related to funeral; Hafiz Abdul Gaffar Ashrafi Sahab gave practical training to give bath to the deceased. On 2nd Rabi-ul-Awwal, various schools in Chandrayangutta, Babanagar and Bandlaguda were visited and students were addressed; on 3rd Rabi-ul-Awwal, schools in Aghapura, Mallepally etc were visited and speeches on ethics were given and on the same day, in the Talab Katta zone, training programme for women was conducted at the residence of Moulana Khaleel Ur Rahman Rashadi Sahab located in Aman Nagar B; more than 100 women participated in this programme. After Namaz-e-Maghrib, a programme for men on service to humanity and funeral and burial training was held at Masjid-e-Talha, Bhawani Nagar, Talab Katta in which the Muftis of Safa Shariat helpline gave a brief address and practical training. This process shall continue until the end of Rabi-ul-Awwal. In these programmes, the lady tutors from Jamia Arabia Irshad-ul-Uloom, Mir Mohammad Pahadi shall give training to the women

Tours and Programmes of the Central President and Vice-President

Busiest visit to Karimnagar branch

The president of Safa Baitul Maal, Moulana Gayas Ahmed Rashadi reached Karimnagar on 3rd November at 7AM and inspected the land purchased for the scrap godown of Karimnagar branch and supplicated; later he gave training address to the staff at the office of Karimnagar branch; after the address, he inaugurated the third tailoring centre established through the Karimnagar branch for women and girl students at Madrasa Afzal ul Uloom, Sawaran area and he addressed the students; from there he went to Shalimar Function Hall, Karimnagar where he distributed monthly pensions to 100 deserving and disabled people and widows and certificates to students completing training at the tailoring centre; before Namaz-e-Juma, he gave a sermon at Masjid-e-Mohammadi, Karimnagar on the topic 'Islamic way of life and Shariat'; after Namaz-e-Juma, he held meeting with the scholars and Imams of Karimnagar at MM Guest House, Karimnagar and addressed the gathering of women at Madrasa Abu Bakr Siddiq, Khanpur.

Visit to Warangal branch and inspection of annual meeting venue

The president reached Warangal on the morning of 5th November and distributed certificates to the students completing training at the free tailoring centres being run under the aegis of the Warangal branch of Safa and he distributed pensions to the deserving and widows who are issued pensions through the Warangal branch of Safa. Likewise, he inspected the new scrap godown and Zakariya Function Hall, Raipura, Warangal where the annual session and public meeting of the branches established in the state of Karnataka shall be held.

Visit to Kanpur and establishment of branch

The central president toured Kanpur on the 12th of November; the inauguration programme was held at a religious school over there in which the local scholars participated and the president threw light on the importance of service to humanity and encouraged the locals for the same; the details of the services were provided with the help of a projector; to begin with, Janab Shakeel Sahab has been appointed the incharge of the Kanpur branch who has the passion for social service and is engaged in various services.

Visit to Zaheerabad branch, Gooty and Shadnagar and participation in public meeting:

                The central president visited the Zaheerabad branch on the 19th of November and participated in the one day funeral and burial workshop held there and gave presidential address; on 22nd November, he visited Gooty in Anantapur district and participated as a special guest in the public meeting held there on the topic 'service to humanity and unity of Millat and its significance' and gave a keynote address. Likewise, on Thursday, 23rd November, he participated and addressed at the gathering held in Shadnagar.

                Apart from these, he attended various programmes in Hyderabad city, addressed at the child prison on the occasion of Children's Day and participated in various awareness programmes held in connection with the month of Rabi-ul-Awwal.

Vice-president's visit to Zaheerabad

The vice-president of Safa, Mufti Mohaimin Azhar Al-Qasmi visited the Zaheerabad branch; on this occasion, the vice-president reviewed the educational performance of the students at Madrasa Jamia Gulshan Khairunnisa of the head of the Zaheerabad branch of Safa, Moulana Ateeq Ahmed Qasmi Sahab and he addressed the students; on visiting the Madrasa, Moulana Ateeq Ahmed Sahab gave a warm welcome and presented a shawl; after Namaz-e-Zohar, he gave training address to the staff and incharge persons at the office of the Zaheerabad branch; after the address, he held consultation in connection with the one day funeral and burial training camp to be held on Sunday 19th November and he inspected the venue of the camp.

Distribution of fine clothes to deserving people

Under the aegis of Safa Baitul Maal, fine clothes were distributed to those deserving and helpless families that are issued white cards after survey by Safa Baitul Maal; on Sunday, the 5th of November, separate counters of clothes for men, women and children were setup at Koh-i-Noor Function Hall located in Hafiz Babanagar and the white card beneficiaries were provided clothes according to the number of people in each household.

Safa Employment Provision

Under the self-employment scheme, employment is provided to such families of Hyderabad that have men and women with the capability to become self reliant; from the applications received at the office of Safa Baitul Maal, sewing machines were provided to 4 women seeking employment, so that they could strengthen their livelihood and become self-sufficient.

Construction of houses for families displaced in

Bihar floods and reconstruction of mosques in progress

The construction of houses and mosques that has been initiated on behalf of Safa Baitul Maal in flood affected areas of Bihar is progressing swiftly by the grace of Allah; the rehabilitation work is in progress under the supervision of Moulana Ayub Qasmi, the incharge of the Jamtara branch of Safa; the incharge persons of various branches of Safa have undertaken the responsibility of construction of one or two houses on their behalf; the construction of houses and mosques is in progress in three villages of Araria- Majhgaon, Belwa and Bardeha and in Purnia district; the trustees of Safa Baitul Maal have requested virtue-seekers for contributions; the cost of each house is Rs.50000. Those who wish to participate based on their capacity are welcome.

Distribution of monthly educational and

food pensions to orphans

Through the central Safa Baitul Maal, along with other multi-faceted services, the process of educational sponsorship of orphans is recurrent; during the survey of Safa Baitul Maal in various slums of Hyderabad, such orphans have been indentified in numerous impoverished households, who despite being brilliant are out of schools due to financial constraints; those children who have lost their father or both parents and whose caretakers are not in a position to shoulder their education and progress due to economic hardships but infact are unable to provide them even with the basic necessities of life- Safa Baitul Maal has taken the responsibility of sponsoring 100 such orphans. A representative has been appointed to monitor these children, who periodically visits schools and reviews their educational progress and presents a report.  Alhamdulillah, this month too, two months food assistance of Rs.2000 each totalling Rs.2 lakh was distributed. Their educational assistance of Rs.2000 each is provided separately by the organisation. The trustees of Safa Baitul Maal have appealed the virtue-seekers to come forward for the educational and food sponsorship of these children so that efforts could be made for their education and progress. Sponsorship amount is Rs.2000 per month and Rs.24000 per annum.  Please get in touch on the phone numbers 9394419820, 04024551314.

Distribution of monthly pensions to helpless widows, deserving disabled and poor people

Through Safa Baitul Maal, while various welfare services are performed, monthly pensions are distributed to destitute widows, disabled persons, poor patients suffering from chronic ailments and deserving poor living in different slums of Hyderabad and as deemed convenient lump sum amount for two or three months is given; Alhamdulillah, during the current month too, monthly pensions Rs.211600 to 57 deserving widows have been issued. It may be noted that through the survey department established by Safa Baitul Maal, the investigation of extremely deserving households belonging to different slums is in progress; households identified during survey are issued white cards and based on their entitlement are issued monthly pensions.

Comprehensive Survey of poor slum households

Through Safa Baitul Maal, survey of households living in various slums of Hyderabad is being conducted; on behalf of Safa, a team has been constituted for this prominent service that investigates the applications received daily from various areas and that of poor households and their conditions are computerised; those found deserving among them are issued white entitlement cards through which they are eligible to avail the services of Safa; Alhamdulillah, during the current month, the survey team of Safa reached 346 households and did complete investigations and issued entitlement cards to 199 households found eligible through earlier survey. The process is still in progress.

Department for the promotion of message of humanity

The services of the message of humanity department setup by Safa Baitul Maal are also functional by the grace of Allah; different schools of Hyderabad are visited and with the permission of the officials lectures on the topics of service to humanity and etiquettes are given; Alhamdulillah, for this prominent service, two scholars have been appointed who visit the schools on daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis and give lectures; through Safa Baitul Maal, a list of 500 schools has been prepared where the speakers have been given permission wholeheartedly; the process of lectures in these schools is recurrent and during speeches, the students are put to different types of questions and those giving correct answers are awarded prizes; Alhamdulillah, on commencement of the new academic year after long summer vacations, the series of lectures in these schools has been reinitiated; during this month, 50 schools were visited and the students were addressed and put to questions and prizes awarded to those giving correct answers. For imparting moral education and training in schools, two scholars, Moulana Abdul Mujeeb Rashadi Sahab and Moulana Ahmed Asadi Sahab have been appointed.

This apart,  on the occasion of Children's Day, a programme was held at Child Home located in Saidabad; the president, Moulana Gayas Ahmed Rashadi Sahab addressed the programme; the jail authorities presented him a shawl, on the occasion of Children's Day, meals were arranged for the inmates of the home; Hafiz Abdul Gaffar Ashrafi Sahab and Moulana Syed Ahmed Asadi Sahab served food to the children under their supervision; it may be noted that a tutor has been appointed for training the children at the home, who imparts moral education daily.

Distribution of food leftover in IT Companies

                Safa Baitul Maal, in association with Glow Tide Society, has launched a service to collect the food leftover in IT companies and universities that is usually discarded and pack it properly and supply to the deserving and poor; Alhamdulillah, this service is functional for the past three months; on behalf of Safa, this service is being performed in Kishanbagh area through Safa centre; this food is distributed to the white card holding deserving households that are identified through the survey of Safa Baitul Maal. During the current, various food packets were distributed in an organised way to about 2500 households.

Supply of free water to poor residents of Singareni Colony

                There are thousands of poor and indigent households in Singareni Colony, an extremely impoverished locality of Hyderabad abutting Saidabad area; due to scarcity of water in the area, the people are very distressed; irrespective of faith, Safa Baitul Maal has supplied about 22000 litres of water this month free of cost to poor residents of this colony.

Safa Micro-Finance

Through Safa Baitul Maal, small traders of Kishanbagh area who do business with usurious loans are provided interest-free loans in order to save them from the curse of usury, so that their economic condition is strengthened and they could progress; hence during the current month, interest-free loans of Rs.150000 have been issued to 45 persons.

Partial Assistance to the Poor, the Disabled

and Deserving Students

Through the Safa Baitul Maal, assistance is provided to victims of circumstances and accidents and assistance is provided after investigation to students of religious schools and deserving students are sponsored; hence this month, medical assistance of Rs.88400 to 15 deserving patients suffering from different diseases, poor assistance of Rs.4000 and Rs.46077 to a few deserving students have been issued.     

Services of Safa Health Care

Under the aegis of Safa Baitul Maal permanent clinics, "Safa Health Care" in Hafez Baba Nagar and Kishanbagh and "Abeda Clinic" in Singareni Colony have been established. White card holding patients approaching these three clinics are provided free diagnosis and free medicines; also, through Safa diagnostic centre, as required, ECG, Nebuliser, all blood and urine examinations, x-ray tests etc. are also provided free of cost. Hence during the current month, a total of 1077 patients have been evaluated at these three centres and free medicines were also provided to them.

Free medical camps of Safa Baitul Maal

Through the Safa Mobile Clinic organised by Safa Baitul Maal, free medical camps are conducted in various slum localities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad where free diagnosis along with free medicines is provided to poor deserving patients; this apart, through Safa Diagnostic Centre, as required, ECG, Nebuliser, all blood and urine examinations, x-ray tests etc. are also provided free of cost; through these camps of Safa Baitul Maal, people suffering from chronic ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid are provided free medicines for a month. Hence during the current month, a total of 27 camps have been held and a total of 2421 patients were benefited.