May 2018


Tours of the Central President
Moulana Gayas Ahmed Rashadi Sahab

 On Friday, 30th March, the president went to Shivpuri upon invitation by the incharge persons of the Shivpuri branch of Safa, on the occasion of Friday prayer, he gave an address at Masjid Chawni; after Namaz-e-Asr, he held consultations with the incharge persons of the branch and local scholars and Huffaz and after Namaz-e-Isha, addressed the grand public meeting held at ITI Road New Park Shivpuri.

On 7th April, he addressed the national unity conference held in Hyderabad under the aegis of Jamiat Ulema Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

On 8th April, he participated in the advisory meeting held at the Gurudwara in Kishanbagh area in connection with promoting national tolerance and mutual compassion; people from all religions participated in this meeting and they praised the efforts of Safa.

On 16th April, he addressed the annual function held at Madrasa Irshad-ul-Banat, Erragadda.

On 22nd April, he gave a keynote address at the annual turban ceremony of Zia-ul-Uloom Anantapur.

On 24th April, he addressed the grand public meeting held in Darul-Uloom Husainia, Amaravathi.

Plan to distribute Ramzan Ration to 2500 fasting households-Virtue-seekers appealed for assistance

 Under the aegis of Safa Baitul Maal, like each year, this year too, it has been planned to distribute Ramzan ration to 2500 deserving fasting households belonging to 80 slums of Hyderabad; Safa Baitul Maal has been performing this service for the past eleven years; during the survey of Safa Baitul Maal many households have been identified that do not spread out their hands despite abject poverty; in order to facilitate Sahr and Iftar for these households during the holy month, Safa Baitul Maal has planned to distribute Ramzan ration packages to 2500 households; the cost of each package comprising 15 commodities: 20 kg rice, 2 kg lentils, 2 kg chana dal, 2 kg oil, 1/2 kg tamarind, 2 kg dates, 2 kg salt, 1/2 kg chilli powder, 100 gm turmeric, 1 kg pickle, 1 kg besan, 1 kg sugar, 1/4 kg tea powder and 1/2 kg garlic ginger paste, is Rs.2000. It may be noted that this ration is distributed to the beneficiaries well before the commencement of Ramzan so that Sahr and Iftar is facilitated from the first day itself. For the benefit of beneficiaries, this ration is procured on debt that is repaid with assistance from virtue-seekers. All the trustees of Safa Baitul Maal have appealed the virtue-seekers for contributions in this connection.

Each package: 2000, five packages: 10000, ten packages: 20000. For contributions please get in touch on the phone numbers: 9394419820 / 21

Management of Summer Religious Classes

Under the aegis of Safa Baitul Maal, in view of the long summer vacations of school students, summer religious course centres are being setup; Insha Allah, these centres shall function from the 25th of April to the 5th of June at 20 locations.

Water facilities functional at Osmania
and Petla Burj Hospitals

Under the aegis of Safa Baitul Maal, the water facilities that have been setup in the month of February at two hospitals of Hyderabad, Osmania and Maternity Hospital Petla Burj are functional; through which thousands of travellers, wayfarers and the patients and attenders who come from far-off places are quenching their thirst daily. About 5000 litres of water is being served daily at both locations. Virtue-seekers are appealed to assist suitably in this great service of Safa Baitul Maal. The daily expenditure is about four thousand rupees.

Supply of drinking water in Singareni Colony

In Singareni Colony, a slum locality abutting Saidabad, where Muslims and non-Muslims living in abject poverty and where the people do not have proper access to even drinking water, the incharge persons of Safa Baitul Maal have been supplying filtered water for the past one year; this month, about 40000 litres of filtered water has been supplied free of cost.

Construction of Mosque and Installation of Borewell

Through Safa Baitul Maal, mosques are constructed with the assistance of virtue-seekers in villages of different states of India like Bihar, Assam and Jharkhand where despite large Muslim population no mosques are present and likewise borewells are installed in villages facing water scarcity; through the central Safa Baitul Maal, 3 mosques, Masjid-e-Osmania, Majhgaon, Masjid-e-Sabera Begum, Samalwati Elton Ganj Naugaon district Assam and Masjid-e-Shaik Abdullah Ahmed Jahajan Post Letripar Bazaar PS Joriya Naugaun district Assam have been completed and 18 mosques are under construction, out if which, ten are nearing completion. The under-construction mosques are: 1. Masjid Shan-e-Qadeer, Samhaneotola, Purnia district, Bihar 2. Masjid Sohail Zia, village Melakadhing, PS Joriya, Naugaun district, Assam 3. Masjid Ibrahim Ali Shamal, Bhawanipur, Rotha Purnia district, Bihar 4. Masjid Ismail, village Gariyakaomari, post Balikatiya, PS Joriya, Naugaun district, Assam 5. Masjid Anwarunnisa Begum, Pachemkapawarji, post Karatipam, PS Maing, Morrigaon district, Assam 6. Masjid Aqsa, Chithal Marri Phatri, Satri Bazaar, Joriya, Assam 7. Masjid Islam, Pabkaladoba, old post Baralemari, PS Joriya, Naugaun district, Assam 8. Masjid Shams Abdul Rahman, village Satipar, post Satipar, PS Joriya, Naugaun district, Assam 9. Masjid Ahmed Hussain Al-Balushi, village Cheetalmaribal NC, PO Cheetalmaribal, PS Joriya, Naugaun, Assam 10. Masjid Sadiya Begum, village Lisaribori, PO Borgaun, PS Maing, Morrigaon district, Assam 11. Masjid Mustafa, village Gadaimari, PO Kishori, PS Joriya, Naugaun district, Assam 12. Masjid Razia Ameen, village Gakalmari, PS Maing, Morrigaon district, Assam 13. Masjid Fatima Ahmed, village, PS Gagalmar, Morrigaon district, Assam 14. Masjid Al-Maflahoon, village Balimak, Natun Bazaar, PS Joriya, Naugaun district, Assam 15. Masjid Al-Mominoon, Palta village, Jamtara district, Jharkhand 16. Masjid Mohammadia, village Tinsukia, Joriya, Naugaun district, Assam 17. Masjid Ansar, Tilechipari, Naugaun, Assam 18. Masjid Razia Sultana, Admari post, Singari post, Joriya, Naugaun district, Assam. Likewise, 7 borewells have been installed in villages facing water-scarcity: 2 villages of Assam, 3 villages of Jharkhand, 1 village near Zaheerabad, Telangana and 1 village of Beed district in Maharashtra.

Distribution of food leftover in IT Companies

Safa Baitul Maal, in association with Glow Tide Society, has launched a service to collect the food leftover in IT companies and universities that is usually discarded and pack it properly and supply to the deserving and poor; Alhamdulillah, this service is functional for the past three months; on behalf of Safa, this service is being performed in Kishanbagh area through Safa centre; this food is distributed to the white card holding deserving households that are identified through the survey of Safa Baitul Maal. During the current, various food packets were distributed in an organised way to about 4000 households.

Safa Micro-Finance

Through Safa Baitul Maal, small traders of Kishanbagh area who do business with usurious loans are provided interest-free loans in order to save them from the curse of usury, so that their economic condition is strengthened and they could progress; hence during the current month, interest-free loans of Rs.1 lakh have been issued to 25 persons.

Comprehensive Survey of poor households living in slums

Through Safa Baitul Maal, survey of households living in various slums of Hyderabad is being conducted; on behalf of Safa, a team has been constituted for this prominent service that investigates the applications received daily from various areas and that of poor households and their conditions are computerised; those found deserving among them are issued white entitlement cards through which they are eligible to avail the services of Safa; Alhamdulillah, during the current month, the survey team of Safa reached 440 households and did complete investigations and issued entitlement cards to 321 households found eligible through earlier survey. House to house is in progress in Kishanbagh area.
The appointed team of Safa Baitul Maal has been visiting different slums of the city for almost three years and had investigated thousands of households; the record of the circumstances of the households is available at the office of Safa; in order to help these impoverished households, virtue-seekers are mobilised by Safa or they are guided to other welfare organisations; during the current month, scholarships of Rs.3300 has been made available to 72 deserving students through the renowned organisation of the city, Hyderabad Zakat and Charitable Trust.

Services of Safa Health Care

Under the aegis of Safa Baitul Maal permanent clinics, "Safa Health Care" in Hafez Baba Nagar and Kishanbagh and "Abeda Clinic" in Singareni Colony have been established. White card holding patients approaching these three clinics are provided free diagnosis and free medicines; also, through Safa diagnostic centre, as required, ECG, Nebuliser, all blood and urine examinations, x-ray tests etc. are also provided free of cost. Hence during the current month, a total of 1785 patients have been evaluated at these three centres and free medicines were also provided to them.

Services of Safa Diagnostic Centre

Through the Safa Diagnostic Centre established under the aegis of Safa Baitul Maal, all tests of blood and urine are done free of cost for the deserving patients who approach the Safa medical camps and for other patients these tests are performed on nominal cost; Alhamdulillah, this month, free tests have been done for 185 deserving patients, on which Rs. 69570 have been spent.

Diagnosis of various diseases of hundreds of patients through free mega camps

At the locations where free medical camps are held every month on behalf of Safa Baitul Maal, free mega camps are being organised in collaboration with KIMS Bibi Cancer Hospital; in these camps, free diagnosis is being done through specialist doctors for the gutkha addicted cancer patients; likewise, free diagnosis of feminine ailments is also been performed and they are being provided medicines; similarly, free eye diagnosis is also being performed through eye specialists. Alhamdulillah, during the current month, free mega camps were held at 8 locations through which hundreds of patients were benefited.

Free medical camps of Safa Baitul Maal

Through the Safa Mobile Clinic organised by Safa Baitul Maal, free medical camps are conducted in various slum localities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad where free diagnosis along with free medicines is provided to poor deserving patients; this apart, through Safa Diagnostic Centre, as required, ECG, Nebuliser, all blood and urine examinations, x-ray tests etc. are also provided free of cost; through these camps of Safa Baitul Maal, people suffering from chronic ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid are provided free medicines for a month. Hence during the current month, a total of 26 camps have been held and a total of 1742 patients were benefited.