April 2019

Safa Diary

Visit of Vice-President to Assam
Participation in turban tying ceremony
of Madaris Al-Safa

After the Bodo riots in Assam during the year 2012, two madrasas were established under the aegis of Safa Baitul Maal, Madrasatul Safa Lil Uloom Al-Islamiya, Shaktala and Madrasatul Safa, Bilasipara, where students are receiving education and training along with food and accommodation; hundreds of students are studying in these schools and many children have become Hafiz of the Quran; Alhamdulillah, in order to oversee the turban tying function of the students who completed Hifz this year and other activities, the vice-president of Safa Baitul Maal, Mufti Abdul Mohaimin Azhar Al-Qasmi went on a three-day visit to Assam on 9th March; when he reached the madrasa, the students and teachers welcomed the vice-president; the vice-president tied turbans to the fortunate students who completed Hifz Quran; and during his visit, the vice-president did educational review and held discussions with the teachers and incharge persons on different educational and administrative affairs.

Inauguration of Water Facilities at Petla Burj and Osmania hospitals through Safa Baitul Maal

Giving water to the thirsty on the basis of humanity is an important aspect of Islamic teachings and it is a Sunnat to setup a facility for this great service. In connection with the onset of summer, the central president of Safa Baitul Maal Moulana Gayas Ahmed Rashadi expressed these views in his press statement at the time of setup of water facility, on behalf of Safa Baitul Maal, at the main gate of Petla Burj maternity hospital; he also said water is being served to patients and travellers at two major hospitals since the past eleven years and this service is performed on the basis of humanity. The service began from the 1st of March at Petla Burj maternity hospital and from 6th March at Osmania hospital. It may be noted that three to four thousand people have water daily at both these hospitals throughout summer. The representatives of Safa Baitul Maal supervise the serving of water to patients and travellers. In addition to Hyderabad, water is served at different locations through more than sixty branches of Safa located in eight states. The trustees of Safa Baitul Maal have requested the general public to assist in carrying out this great service and provide financial assistance and make arrangement to serve water in their respective locations. This is a most important act according to Islamic teachings. Safa Baitul Maal has setup a water plant named Salsabeel-e-Safa for this service and such plants are located at a few branch locations too. At the time of inauguration of facility at the maternity hospital, Janab Ahmed Asadi, Hafiz Mubashir and others were present and at Osmania hospital, Hafiz Syed Shakeel ur Rahman, Hafiz Abdul Muqtadir Imran, Mohammad Saleem Ansari, Syed Ayub, Umair Khan and Hafiz Mohammad Saber Uddin were present. The superintendents of these hospitals, Mrs. Nagamani and Mr. Rafeeq, addressing media persons, praised the services of Safa Baitul Maal and thanked for serving water.

Inauguration of Water Plant in Osmania Hospital

Through Safa Baitul Maal, during summer, while cool filtered water is being served for four months at Osmania hospital since the past twelve years, Alhamdulillah, cool filtered water plant is being arranged permanently for the benefit of patients and attenders, the foundation of which was laid by the central president of Safa Baitul Maal Moulana Gayas Ahmed Rashadi on Friday, 22nd March, for which the hospital administration expressed pleasure.

Conduct of Weekly Religious Education Course and Training Workshop

Under the aegis of Safa Baitul Maal and Hussain Islamic Centre, weekly religious education course, to be held from 10 AM to 2PM every week, inaugurated last month at Afreen Palace Function Hall, near Ali Cafe, Dabeerpura and at the office of Safa Ladies Wing and Hussain Islamic Centre, opposite Qutub Shahi Masjid, Langer Hauz, Golconda fort road for women and girl students, is functional. The classes shall be conducted by expert trainer Mohtarma Amtullah Baji Saheba. The following topics shall be included in the course: (1) Tajweed and Tarteel (2) Tafseer of Para 29&30 (3) Complete Namaz word by word with translation (4) Seerat-un-Nabi (SAW) (5) During the one-year course, students will be trained to conduct similar classes.

Funeral and Burial of unclaimed and poor deceased

At the insistence of the central president of Safa Baitul Maal Moulana Gayas Ahmed Rashadi, the incharge of the funeral and burial department, Hafiz Abdul Gaffar Ashrafi had relocated an helpless old aged person from Masjid Shah Moazzam to an old age home and the person was under the complete sponsorship of Safa Baitul Maal. At about 10 PM on Sunday, 10th February, the person expired due to heart attack. His funeral and burial was arranged on behalf of Safa. The Namaz-e-Janaza was offered after Zohar in Masjid Noor, Madrasa Faiz ul Uloom, Saidabad and burial took place in the graveyard of Dargah Barhana Shah Sahab, Phisalbanda.

Sponsorship of Poor Orphan Children

Safa Baitul Maal has shouldered the responsibility of 160 orphans identified during the survey who are unable to study for lack of parental care and it is bearing the educational and food expenses of these children. Hence, during the current month, a sum of Rs.150500 was issued towards the school fees of children studying in different schools. The server of Safa Baitul Maal, Hafiz Mubashir Khan went to schools to pay the fees and gathered details about the educational progress and attendance of the students. Apart from this, each month, Safa Baitul Maal pays for the educational and food expenses of poor students of different residential schools of Hyderabad, whose parents are not in a position to do so; hence, during the current month, a total sum of Rs.18800 has been paid for the food and education fees of 7 students.

Distribution of monthly pensions to helpless widows, deserving disabled and poor people

Through Safa Baitul Maal, monthly pensions are issued after complete investigation to destitute widows, disabled persons, deserving people and impoverished households living in different localities of Hyderabad; therefore, during the current month too, monthly pensions Rs.23000 to 8 helpless widows, Rs.64700 to 12 deserving poor, Rs.16800 to 13 impoverished disabled persons and Rs.4000 to a deserving patient have been issued. Apart from this, the sponsorship amount for the helpless persons living in Shifa Allah Old Age Home under the sponsorship of Safa Baitul Maal, has also been issued

Funeral and burial services

Through Safa Baitul Maal, on demise of a person named Allah Baksh from Karmanghat area, his funeral and burial was arranged on behalf of Safa under the supervision of Hafiz Abdul Gaffar Ashrafi; the Namaz-e-Janaza was held in Masjid Mohammadia, Karmanghat and the burial took place in the graveyard abutting the mosque. Apart from this, shroud sets are provided for poor deceased on behalf of Safa Baitul Maal; it may be noted these are provided free of cost for poor deceased.

Construction of Mosques and Installation of Borewells

Through Safa Baitul Maal, mosques are built in villages of states like Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Jharkhand, Bihar where there are no mosques and no place of collective worship for Muslims where they could gather to pray to God and offer Namaz; through Safa Baitul Maal, mosques are being built for Muslims in villages away from towns; till now, about 200 mosques have been built through Safa Baitul Maal. As of now, the construction of Masjid Kauser in Naugaun district and Masjid Fazlul Unisa in Bangai Gaun of Assam has completed and prayers have started. Masjid Rahmat Mohiuddin in Naugaun district, Masjid Khadija in Mandarpara district and Masjid Amena Abdul Qadir, Masjid Shaukat and Masjid Amena Mashaq are under construction.

Various services of Safa centre Kishanbagh

Through Safa Baitul Maal, small traders of Kishanbagh area who do business with usurious loans are provided interest-free loans in order to save them from the curse of usury, so that their economic condition is strengthened and they could progress; hence during the current month, interest-free loans of Rs.2,51,000 have been issued to 36 persons. Ration worth Rs.2000 was distributed to 3 impoverished households of Kishanbagh area.

Distribution of food leftover in IT Companies

Safa Baitul Maal, in association with Glow Tide Society, has launched a service to collect the food leftover in IT companies and universities that is usually discarded and pack it properly and supply to the deserving and poor; Alhamdulillah, this service is functional successfully; this food is systematically distributed to the white card holding deserving households that are identified through the survey of Safa Baitul Maal. Alhamdulillah, during the current, various food packets were distributed in an organised way to about 2500 households.

Services of Safa Health Care

Under the aegis of Safa Baitul Maal permanent clinics, "Safa Health Care" in Hafez Baba Nagar and Kishanbagh and "Abeda Clinic" in Singareni Colony have been established. White card holding patients approaching these three clinics are provided free diagnosis and free medicines. Hence during the current month, a total of 1418 patients have been evaluated at these centres and free medicines were also provided.

Services of Safa Diagnostic Centre

Through the Safa Diagnostic Centre established under the aegis of Safa Baitul Maal, all tests of blood and urine are done free of cost for the deserving patients who approach the Safa medical camps; during this month, free tests have been done for 274 deserving patients incurring an expenditure of Rs.74,150 .

Deserving patients transported to hospitals

Under the joint initiative of Safa Baitul Maal and Helping Hand Foundation, the poor patients who are not in a position to bear the expenditure of their treatment are transported to hospitals, about 10 patients are transported to Osmania and Niloufer hospitals and five were admitted.

Medical camps of Safa Baitul Maal

Through the Safa Mobile Clinic organised by Safa Baitul Maal, free medical camps are conducted in various slum localities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad where free diagnosis along with free medicines is provided to poor deserving patients; this apart, through Safa Diagnostic Centre, as required, ECG, Nebuliser, all blood and urine examinations, x-ray tests etc. are also provided free of cost; through these camps of Safa Baitul Maal, people suffering from chronic ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid are provided free medicines for a month. Hence during the current month, a total of 24 camps have been held and a total of 815 patients were benefited.