Orphan Sponsorship


Title of the Project“Education Sponsorship”

Educational sponsorship for orphans

Geographical Area of the Project:

The Safa Educational Welfare and Charitable Trust is a welfare organization doing service in social welfare and education fields in the direct supervision of scholars, is making all possible efforts to reach the disadvantaged and marginalized sections of the society, surveying knowing their circumstances, assist them according to their needs.

This organization is established in the year of 2006. In the long successful working, the organization found huge gaps between wealthy and needy families. To find out real beneficiaries TSEWCT established survey process to know the exact conditions and plights of poor and destitute families. Our comprehensive survey process requires the families to disclose the basic needs and real problems by filling up a detailed format and by taking up this survey organization in identified localities of Hyderabad TSEWCT is able to decide poverty level of such family to facilitate to extend help.

Proposed Project Period: The project period is from June 2018-2019.

Objective of the Project:

Support in education in good school for orphans who are living with their guardian and relatives. Support for better and quality education for 130 children in private institution.


Total 130 orphans who are living with their guardians and relatives whose families are living in underprivileged condition.

The management of The Safa Educational Welfare & Charitable Trust has dedicated their lives to upbringing these children, due to lack of resources they have to work often in unavoidable circumstances.

General Presentation and Analysis of the Problems

The most disadvantaged group in India is the millions of street children who live or work on the street. The reasons behind this are either these children are orphan, or come from a poor economic background. These children are malnourished; never go to school or dropout.

Hyderabad, city known for its hospitality and pearls it has lot of slums out of which only a handful are identified by the TSEWCT. Being the capital city of Telangana, thousands of people enter a new world for a better livelihood. These migrants, plus many other underprivileged, live with their children. For these children education is like an unattainable luxury or something which they want to achieve but unfortunately cannot. They lose their childhood and only have a little hope for a better future.

To make their dreams come true, TSEWCT took an initiative to provide educational sponsorship where all these kids can reside with their families and get better educations. TSEWCT is serving for the poverty stricken and orphan children with their overall development, care and rehabilitation. TSEWCT has different activities at regular intervals for children’s proper growth.

TSEWCT is just a platform for children where they can express their feelings and show their talent. Different facilities are been provided TSEWCT to make these children more smart and educative.

  • All basic facilities such as food, clothes, a dormitory for the children, books, stationary, etc.
  • To develop interaction skills by having group discussions on quarterly basis.

List of School Going Orphans Under the supervision of TSEWCT

S. No. Name of Student Class Result/division Promote to Next Class Remark
1 Maheek Fatima 6th Class 53.33 % 7th Class
2 Mohammed Sohail Ali UKG 93.33 % 1st Class
3 Abdul Rahman 5th Class B1 6th Class
4 Mohammed Ismail Nursery 42.40 % LKG
5 Mohammed Ghouseuddin 4th Class A2 5th Class
6 Muskan Fatima 2nd Class A+ 3rd Class
7 Abdul Aziz Khan 3rd Class A+ 4th Class
8 Mohammed Rahmatullah Khan 3rd Class A 4th Class
9 Mohammed Nizamuddin 6th Class A 7th Class
10 Sayeeda Begum UKG 9.5 1st Class
11 Abdul Razzaq 2nd Class A2 3rd Class
12 Mohammed Shoib 5th Class B1 6th Class
13 Mohammed Rehan 3rd Class B1 4th Class
14 Mohammed Abdul Rahman 2nd Class A2 3rd Class
15 Mohammed Afzal 1st Class A1 2nd Class
16 Shaik Zubair Pasha Nursery 90% LKG
17 Md Osama Udder 8th Class 9th Class
18 Khansa Umbers 5th Class 1st 6th Class
19 Md Salman 1st Class A 2nd Class
20 Mohd Amer 1st Class A+ 2nd Class
21 Saniya Begum 7th Class B2 8th Class
22 Md Zohaib 5th Class B1 6th Class
23 Sameera Begum 8th Class C2 9th Class
24 Mohd Tabraiz 6th Class C1 7th Class
25 Hafsa Fatima 5th Class B2 6th Class
26 Nousheen Unnisa 8TH Class A2 9th Class
27 Syed Nawaz 6th Class C1 7th Class
28 Md Raheem 1st Class B+ 2nd Class
29 Heeba Fatima 3rd Class A1 4th Class
30 Minhaj Noor U Saba 7th Class B2 8th Class
31 Rabia Sultana Nursery A+ LKG
32 Nida Fatima 3rd Class A+ 4th Class
33 Juveria Fatima 2nd Class A+ 3rd Class
34 Sofia Fatima 1st Class A+ 2nd Class
35 Shaeqa Zubeen L.K.G A1 U.K.G
36 Imran 2nd Class C 3rd Class
37 Maryam Begum 5th Class B1 6th Class
38 Mohammed Faizan 4th Class D 5th Class
39 Mohd Faizan Pasha 2nd Class 38.88% 3rd Class
40 Mohammed Adnan U.K.G B 1st Class
41 Sufiyan Roshan 3rd Class 4th Class
42 Salma Sultana Inter 1st Year Inter 2nd Year
43 Mohammed Mustafa
44 Siddiqa Begum 2nd Class B 3rd Class
45 Hajera Bugum 3rd Class C1 4th Class
46 Asra Begum UKG A1 1st Class
47 Faraha Begum 2nd Class B 3rd Class
48 Syed Abdul Rabay 5th Class E 6th Class
49 Askiya 3rd Class B 4th Class
50 Mohd Fareed 1st Class B 2nd Class
51 Shaik Hannan 2nd Class B 3rd Class
52 Mahin Begum 3rd Class A2 4th Class
53 Saniya Begum 7th Class A2 8th Class
54 Afreen Begum 5th Class B1 6th Class
55 Shireen Fatima 7th Class B1 8th Class
56 Mohd Rehan 7th Class B+ 8th Class
57 Mohd Irfan 2nd Class B1 3rd Class
58 Mohd Mustafa 1st Class 2nd Class
59 Shireen Begum 7th Class A 8th Class
60 Mohd Ayaan Wajid
61 Simra Wajid UKG 1st Class
62 Mohd Aman 1st Class A 2nd Class
63 Mohd Rehan 5th Class B+ 6th Class
64 Amreen Begum 7th Class A+ 8th Class
65 Shaik Huzair Basha LKG H UKG
66 Samee Ullah 5th Class E 6th Class
67 Fahad Ullah 7th Class D 8th Class
68 Sana Begum 3rd Class B1 4th Class
69 Sania Begum
70 Sofiya Begum 2nd Class B2 3rd Class
71 Sameer Ahmed 5th Class A 6th Class
72 Sumaiya Sultana 2nd Class A2 3rd Class
73 Maimona Sultana UKG 1st Class
74 Syed Mohd Siddiq 5th Class A 6th Class
75 Mohd Nawaz 3rd Class B1 4th Class
76 Shahin Begum 5th Class A1 6th Class
77 Mahim Begum 7th Class A 8th Class
78 Nishad Fatima 7th Class A 8th Class
79 Montasha Fatima 8th Class A1 9th Class
80 Meraj Butol 4th Class A 5th Class
81 Shaileena Mubeen 1st Class A1 2nd Class

Above mentioned orphans complete academic report is presented, some of orphans reports not been provided by institutions and some of reports are not available due to orphans age are less than four years.


Proposed Budget (For One Year): 2018-19

For each Student

S. No Particulars / Heads Amount Remarks
1. Annual School Fees including 13000 At the time of admission
2. Books (One Time)  each 3000 On an average as per class, it may increase
3. Uniform (School/White) 1500 Two pair of uniforms
4. Shoes each Students (Black/White) 500 Two Pairs
4. Mutual Fund 500 X 12 6000 For each Orphan
Total with above particulars 24000 Total

Total Proposed Budget:                                                                                               

Apart from these there are other expenses also, from this above proposed budget we would like to request for your support.

The Implementing Organization

The Safa Educational Welfare & Charitable Trust




Phone No: 040 – 24551314, 040 – 24551319

Mobile: 9394419820, 9394419821

Email: safa.projectdev@gmail.com

Website: www.tsewct.org


PRESENT TRUSTEES:             

President                                 : MoulanaGiyas Ahmed Rashadi

General Secretary                   : MoulanaFasihuddinNadvi

Treasurer                                : MoulanaWaseem-ul-HaqNadvi

Secretary                                 : MoulanaMusaddiq-ul-Qasmi

Vice President                         : Mufti Abdul MuhaiminAzhar-ul-Qasmi


Organization’s experiences and its capacity to continue the project:

The Safa Educational Welfare & Charitable Trust (TSEWCT) is a non-governmental and non-profit making social service organization working in various sectors for the development of the society deprived societal groups. TSEWCT was founded in 2006 and committed to social justice for all under privileged sections of civil society.

TSEWCT believes in the universal right to dignity, as well as the right to survival in self-respect trough opportunities for personal growth and development.  The main concern of the organization is to help the oppressed, especially children, women and deprived communities surviving without basic facilities and to promote their rights.

TSEWCT trustees have approved to adopt more then 350 orphans for educational sponsorship for the year 2018-19 with amount of rupees 2000/- each.

TSEWCT is supporting local, community-based initiatives and is working towards the economic and social rights of people affected by poverty.