Orphan Sponsorship

Sponsorship of Orphan children

Through the central Safa Baitul Maal, the process of sponsoring orphan children has been initiated; those children who have lost their father or both parents and whose caretakers are not in a position to shoulder their education and progress due to economic hardships but infact are unable to provide them even with the basic necessities of life- Safa Baitul Maal has decided to sponsor such orphan children. Hence from the month of July, Safa Baitul Maal has taken the responsibility of 20 orphans from impoverished families and Rs.2000 each shall be provided for them every month. It may be noted that Safa Baitul Maal has initiated comprehensive survey of slums located in Hyderabad and during the survey in addition to numerous impoverished households such orphans are also being identified who are living a life of abject poverty. Virtue-seekers are hereby requested to come forward for the sponsorship of such children so that efforts could be made for their education and development. A total sum of Rs. 210438 has been issued from July to year-end for the sponsorship of orphan children.