Survey of slums and issue of entitlement cards to beneficiaries

            Through Safa Baitul Maal, the in-charge persons of Safa had decided in the year 2015 to survey the slums of Hyderabad and identify the poor areas and know the circumstances completely; hence ten persons were appointed for this service who are surveying continuously. In order to organise the investigation, forms has been prepared in which the family details of each household of the locality are being noted and based on their eligibility, three types of cards are issued to them. White cards are issued to extremely deserving people, yellow cards to poor households and pink cards to average households; white card holders are provided complete diagnosis in Safa health care and medical camps, medicines and all tests free of cost and Ramzan ration and other assistances are also issued to them; yellow card holders are provided aid as necessary and also free diagnosis in Safa health care and medical camps and pink card holders are provided complete guidance for availing government schemes and to benefit from schemes meant for minorities. Hence, during the year 2016, entitlement cards have been issued to 3998 people belonging to 840 households from two zones of Kishanbagh area, 7114 people from 1478 households of Babanagar area and 8927 people from 2143 households approaching medical camps and the office of Safa Baitul Maal; in this way entitlement cards have been issued to 20029 people from 4461 households and they are benefiting from the schemes of Safa Baitul Maal; this apart, poor widows, deserving people and minorities for whom there are various schemes of the government, are being assisted and guided for benefiting from those schemes. It may be noted that the survey being conducted by Safa Baitul Maal is on humanitarian basis and not based on case and faith; there are 73 non-Muslim households that have been issued these cards.