Hospitals Visits And Assistance

Inspection of various Old Age Homes and shifting of Aged and Disabled Persons

Through Safa Baitul Maal, while other welfare services are recurrent, such destitute and helpless disabled persons and aged people who are victims of neglect and leading a life of helplessness on roadsides are being shifted to old age homes. An elderly woman has been shifted from a non-Muslim old age home in Amberpet to a Muslim managed old age home in Mehdipatnam and essential items had been provided to her; Moulana Syed Asad Ahmed Asadi and Moulana Ayub Khan Rashadi, the servers of Safa had been continually supervising and providing monthly expenses for her; this lady expired in the same old age home and hence funeral and burial was arranged for her.  Likewise, a mentally disabled and dumb person who was living on the footpath in Phisalbanda in naked condition; a destitute lady living on the road in Santosh Nagar; a mentally challenged non-Muslim Ellaiah, spending cold nights on the middle of the road in Kishanbagh; a destitute Muslim, Mohammad Saleem, lying on the road opposite Santosh Nagar old PS and a destitute person, Mohammad were shifted to Shifa old age home in Hasan Nagar. In this way five destitute disabled persons are living in this old age home sponsored by Safa Baitul Maal for whom Rs.3000 each totalling Rs.15000 are provided each month on behalf of the organisation. The central president, vice-president, and other staff visit the home occasionally and supervise the patients over there and distribute fruits to them. This apart, various old age homes of Hyderabad are also being inspected.